Thursday, May 1, 2014

Light up, claimants

The Show Me State is now trying to get into the medical marijuana show.  SB 951 makes it very clear that this is medical and this isn’t just going to go to anyone.  We aren’t a bunch of hippies from the Mile High City. 

This program is  for only “debilitating” medical conditions.    "Debilitating medical condition" means certain delineated diseases like cancer, glaucoma and AIDs. But wait, there’s more.   It also includes other conditions that produce one or more conditions like pain or spasm.  That’s about 99% of every comp claim, but it’s different with medical pot because the doctor has to say the symptoms are “severe.”   Not to leave anyone out  there’s a catchall:  it also includes “any other serious condition” approved by an attending physician. 

An attending physician with a bonafide relationship must make a statement that pot is the best treatment choice at least once a year. 

A patient gets  only an "adequate supply".  Leave it to the legislature to define that term:   4 ounces, 3 mature plants, and 4 immature plants.  This is just like the 3-1-1- rule at the airports.   There is no truth to the “420” rumor that the original proposal allowed 4 ounces, 2 brownies and 0 roach clips. 

 One can see an entire cottage industry making billions of posters. It's like when Jeff City said everyone could lock and load their guns and every business owner put up a sign that said “not here, please.”  Maybe this time the posters could use some black light.   The bill even contemplates that prisons, and schools and public parks could be open for the compassionate use of marijuana as long as it’s done “in designated areas.” Really?    After all, everyone knows that smokin’ ain’t allowed in school.

Missouri is late to the party.  Illinois has  already proposed to cut prices for the first medical marijuana card from $150 to $100, and they’re even giving 50%  discounts to veterans.    This campaign  must involve public service announcements   to aggressively market medical pot just like the floating casinos  did for the public schools.      Maybe Missouri could some drive through daiquiri standards to push the product.  It creates jobs.  It creates revenue.   After all, it’s for the children. 

 In other news a bill has been introduced that jumping jacks will now the official state exercise.    It’s a shame no one can do them anymore because everyone has a "serious" medical condition.   

New Mexico now requires reimbursement for "medical" marijuana.  Vialpando v Ben's Automotive Servs., 2014 N.M. App. Lexis 50, rejected the defense that  employer could not be ordered to violate the federal Controlled Substance Act, 21 U.S.C. 811 even though the state decriminalized use through the state's Compassionate Use Act.