Monday, February 20, 2017

Commission rejects CRPS claim based on conflicting expert opinion on diagnosis.

Horton v Lester Cox
2017 MOWCLR Lexis 18
Feb. 14, 2017 (Wilson)

Claimant is a career housekeeper for Lester Cox who alleges in May 2015 who claims she pulled her left arm while grabbing a lift bar and claims repetitive trauma further injured her left arm and shoulder.

Dr. Mullins concluded she had CRPS and needed more treatment.  Dr. Lennard concluded her  symptoms were incomplete to support a CRPS diagnosis and regarded her work accident was not the likely cause of her frozen shoulder. 

The ALJ found her calcific tendonitis not work related in light of claimant's history of poorly controlled diabetes. The ALJ found Dr. Lennard more credible on the issue of CRPS.  " He regularly treats patients with this condition, and in his opinion she did not meet the criteria for this condition. He also found no support in the medical records to support this as a diagnosis."